What to do in Copenhagen

What to do in Copenhagen Everybody who goes to Copenhagen comes back raving about how great it is. It’s the capital city of one of the worlds happiest countries, the birthplace of hygge and home to the best hot chocolate I’ve ever tasted! There’s so much on offer, it’s hard to know what to do in Copenhagen but I’m going to try!

We arrived late at night, staying two stops on the train from the airport, to save wandering the city late at night looking for our hotel. Ben had been before, which made everything easier.


The train into the city is the easiest way to get to central Copenhagen. Tickets are available from machines at all times and it’s easy to find the train station, its linked via a bridge.  We bought an all-in ticket that lasted the duration of our stay for ease, it was never checked but a friend of mine bought the wrong ticket and got into a lot of trouble, so buy the right ticket and don’t forget to carry it with you.

We discussed the pros and cons of buying the Copenhagen City Card as it includes all travel and entrance into lots of attractions. On doing the sums realised we’d spend less paying for the attractions we went to and buying a 3-day pass for transport. When we go back, I’d go for longer and get a City Card. But as It was our first time, we thought we’d want to wander around instead of going to all the attractions.

Where to stay in Copenhagen

What to do in Copenhagen

We woke up to a grey day, and it was cold, I was glad of my ultra-light down coat from Uniqlo as an extra layer – this is a great thing to pack, so small and light but provides a lot of warmth. We moved hotels to the super stylish Hotel Ottilia, which is built in the old Carlsberg factory.

Based in the beautiful old industrial area Carlsberg, there are currently not many amenities, but it is very quiet, well connected and is a great price for the standard of hotel. My favourite bit was wine hour. From 5-6pm every day you can sit in the bar and enjoy a glass or two of wine on the hotel. Considering how much it is for a glass of wine in Copenhagen it is a great benefit to take advantage of. See more here Ottilia

Where to eat in Copenhagen

Food in Copenhagen is great, it’s part of life to eat good food. Lots of restaurants use locally sourced ingredients and value quality over quantity. Copenhagen is where I discovered the cortado too, stronger in taste and shorter than a flat white – I have grown to love it!

We had delicious pizza at Mother, it’s not the cheapest but you are in Copenhagen. You can sit outside too, they have blankets for the brave. It was a little chilly when we went so we opted to wait in the bar for an inside table.

My favourite meal was at Hija de Sanchez. We’d seen this recommended on Somebody Feed Phil and had to try it. We ordered a few bits to share, intending to go elsewhere but had to order more, it was that good. It’s a tiny place but so good.

We did embark on somewhat of a Somebody Feed Phil food tour, trying the falafel at Christiana Falafel Kebab in Freetown Christiania, which was excellent and the hotdogs at Dop. The veggie dog is delicious and definitely go for the classic style toppings, oh and the chocolate milk is a must!

Warpigs Brewpub had an electric atmosphere and great beers on draft. You could also get what looked like good food, although it’s a bit limited for veggies here. It’s the kind of place you could go to early evening and stay most of the night, which most people seemed to be doing.


There is an Aamanns at the airport, and it was the perfect way to finish our trip. I realised I hadn’t actually tried a Smørrebrød as we’d had so many other recommendations, we hadn’t got around to it. I loved them so much I ended up feeling like I’d missed out, but we can always go back!


For breakfast I would recommend Mad & Kaffe. They serve boards of breakfast style tapas, mini plates that you choose. It was all delicious, but the brownie was outrageously good, I looked around and nearly everyone had ordered it!

The morning we left we sat and had coffee in the lovely Paludan Bog & Café a great bookshop café that Ben’s mum had recommended. The food looked fabulous and I am told that it is – another great breakfast spot.

What to do in Copenhagen

What to do in Copenhagen Nyhavn

Mooch. The architecture is beautiful, and the streets are so pretty. Nyhavn is the place to see the coloured houses along the canal, there were lots of locals sat in the cafes lining the street and I thought that looked like a fabulous thing to do. Sat in the sun on one of the prettiest streets I’ve seen watching the world go by – sign me up!

I’m getting this in early as I think it was my favourite thing to do. The Peter Beier hot chocolate is the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted. Made with their chocolate, it is rich and silky, the perfect treat after a long day wandering around in the cold. It’s pretty pricey but worth it in my opinion.

What to do in Copenhagen


The Design Museum was a particular highlight. Being a little obsessed with design, colour and interiors, it was right up my street. The current exhibition is The Danish Chair, it was my dream exhibition. Lots of Danish examples of beautiful chairs, but I nearly missed it. It’s in a side room, so make sure you explore fully!

After wandering around we went to the café, choosing to be brave and sit outside. The courtyard was sunny and they provided blankets. The food again looked great, but we just had drinks, as we had plans to eat elsewhere.

Rosenberg Slot is where the crown jewels are, but the castle is full of beautiful artefacts. Buy your tickets online if you don’t have a pass as there can be huge queues to buy one. The grounds are also worth a wander around, in the summer it would be a perfect place for a picnic.

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek opened a new exhibition of French Masterpieces whilst we were there as well as having Rodin’s famous This Kiss, amongst many other wonderful pieces. The museum also has a beautiful atrium filled with plants, with a cafe alongside it, where you can sit and take in the calm.


What to do in Copenhagen

The Botanical Gardens is another lovely place to wander around. I loved the succulents, so many amazing textures and colours and the main dome is stunning. You can climb the stairs to the top and walk along the canopy looking at all the plants, a must. The humidity and plants reminded me of Malaysia – which I loved.


Copenhagen is full of excellent shops. The two department stores are in a league of their own. Magasin and Illums Bolighus are filled with stunning furniture, stationery, bags, clothes and everything else you can imagine. We left little time for wandering around, but I would go spend far longer in both.

What to do in Copenhagen

Notre Dame is a lovely little homeware store that we stumbled upon on our last morning and I could have filled my case with all the kitchenware. Lots of the ugly vegetable plates I love and other treasures I wanted to bring home. Worth a visit.

Things I want to go back for

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, which came highly recommended and was a little bit of a stretch for out 3-day trip, but next time it’s top of the list.

The department stores were nothing like the ones I have seen before, I loved them for inspiration and will be heading back.

Christmas markets and generally Christmas time. Apparently it is super pretty and festive, so I am very keen to experience this.

The food, and did I mention the hot chocolate!?

What to do in Copenhagen

I know we’ll be heading back there. I loved it, loved that candles were lit all day wherever you went, loved the food, loved the hotel we stayed in and just loved the vibe in general. Copenhagen is wonderful, I’d be very happy if I lived there too.


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