REN SPF Review

REN Clean Screen Mineral SPF Review

REN SPF Review

I have been using a CC cream or foundation with SPF for as long as I can remember. But as I have got a bit older I thought it was high time I started using a separate SPF to boost my protection.

I started using a variety of Asian skincare brands and found they varied dramatically. Some felt too light, like water, which although good worried me about the level of protection. Some gave a ashen look to my skin. And some were really greasy, feeling sticky for hours afterwards.

I found one that I loved and have used it since, not every day here as some days it rains all day and my CC cream is SPF 30, so any rays will be taken care of by that. But on the days where it is bright and dare I say it, sunny, I use an extra SPF. Applying it after my other products just before make up. I let it dry for around 20 minutes so it sinks in and does its job, then apply make up.

REN SPF Review


SPF is a fundamental product in my routine these days. So when I was sent the new REN Clean Screen Mineral SPF for review a couple of weeks ago, I was keen to try it out.

REN SPF Review

At first I found the texture different to my previous experiences of SPF, thicker but without stickiness. It takes a little working in, but I persevered and have come to love it. I apply a pea sized amount and rub it in thoroughly. It absorbs quickly, but I find leaving time before applying products on top works best.

If I am wearing it under foundation I apply a moisturising product before the foundation as my skin is prone to dryness and needs all the moisture it can get. I leave the SPF for 20 minutes before doing this so I can be sure I don’t dilute the protection. If I am wearing the SPF alone on a make up free face I wait 20 mins before sun exposure not adding other products on top.

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I really like the feel of the SPF on my face, it also gives a nice fresh look, not greying like so many SPFs. I like the texture, it feels reassuringly thick and isn’t drying. It has a mattifying effect but to me it isn’t oily like so many other SPFs I have used. And the one think I dislike about applying SPF, especially on holiday is how it breaks me out in spots. So far no breakouts!

I love the smell. Like all REN products I have used, it has a subtle natural smelling fragrance. Also like all REN products it is conscious; vegan, cruelty free and is clean. It is made with natural ingredients where possible and doesn’t have parabens, silacones and sulphates as well as other nasties. Another bonus is the packaging, its made from post consumer recycled plastic and is recyclable.

REN SPF Review – Verdict

So what’s the verdict. I really like it. It’s a brilliant SPF, feels nice on the skin, smells amazing and is a conscious product. For my dry skin I need to add a moisturiser after it, before my make up, but on a naked face it is perfect. It leaves my skin looking healthy and fresh, so I’d be happy to go make up free in it.

When using an SPF make sure you double cleanse at the end of the day – If Caroline Hirons tells you to, you do it!

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I am going to try it whilst on holiday in a few weeks and will update this post then.

This product was gifted for review, see disclaimer for more information.



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