Best of June

Best of June

June is one of the best months in the UK. The nights are long and the feeling of summer is in the air. I also loved it as I was preparing for and going on holiday to the south of France!

With that in mind a lot of my favourites are holiday related. Sun cream and summer clothing purchases. Hair products to combat the inevitable straw like texture the sun makes it go. And beach appropriate reads!



REN Clean Skin Mineral SPF 

I love the formula of this SPF, not greasy and doesn’t leave a white cast over the skin. I have done a full review here but its clean and the packaging is made from recycled plastic. It does a great job of protecting the skin too! 

Find it here


Clarins Double Serum   

I didn’t want to love this because of the price! A rich, serum that glides on, sinks in and feels so luxurious. I got a few free samples and used it for 5 days and really felt that it did improve my skin in that short time. Would I spend £50 on it, yes, if that was my normal price range for moisturisers. I have a limit of £30 so I won’t be purchasing it anytime soon. 

Find it here



Lee Stafford Coco Loco Coconut Mousse 

I never used to use mousse as I spent my early teens scrunching it into my hair to achieve what can only be described as a rock hard quiff – attractive! But a recent visit to the hairdresser made me realise that it is the key to keeping my fizzy hair tamed! This coconut one doesn’t feel heavy or leave that delightful crunchy texture of the 90’s!

Find it here


Ouai Wave Spray       

I have been using this for a while, spraying it in my my curled hair to give it texture. It does exactly what it says, gives you a beachy look to your hair. And it smells amazing, someone once asked me what my perfume was – it’s that good. 

Find it here

Cantu Leave in Conditioner            

I am trying hard to fix my frizzy hair from the inside. This feels good in my hair and is free of any ingredients that harm my sensitive scalp. Find it here



Best of June

Essie Go Ginza

I love this colour, a pale pastel lilac colour that looks fab on sun-kissed skin.    

Find it here


Seche Vive Gel Topcoat   

This is the best topcoat I’ve tried to date. I love painting my own nails but not if the effect only lasts a day or two before chipping. This lasts at least a week and you don’t need a UV lamp.

Find it here


Holiday Buys

Dune Lavel Sandals (shown above)

I like a sandal with an ankle strap, something to stop me falling out of the bank or side of my shoes. These tan beauties are comfy, practical and stylish.

Find it here

Straw Basket (shown above)

I wanted a basket back for ages, buying a fair few over the years, but never quite finding it the right style. But this is perfect, all the best bits of my others combined – straps that are comfortable to carry, lots of room inside and flexible enough to strap onto the back of a bike!

Find it here

Linen Rich Cropped Trousers     

I think I tried 10 different pairs of linen trousers before settling on these beauts! I loved the fabric, they are lightweight and the buttons add a special feature, that you could remove if you so desire.

Find it here

Brown Spot Swimsuit   

Hands down the best swimsuit I have ever owned, I loved it so much I got another print and am considering buying the orange on too! When something is good but it in multiples, you’ll only regret it when it’s time to replace it.

It fits well, holds you in where it should, gives support in the bust area, has a low back and just looks great on. They also have some great prints and colours!

Find it here


Dalmatian Print Swimsuit   

As above, but I just need to say again I LOVE THIS SWIMSUIT!

Find it here


Navy Spot Jumpsuit   

I looked for a flattering jumpsuit for a while. So often to get them over my hips I have to have a loose waist area, making it look like I’m wearing a sack. This has a waist and fits really well. I also love the polka dot print.

Find it here




Our Stop

I had started this last month and wrote about how I’d liked it. I in fact loved it. I couldn’t put it down, it was highly addictive, making me desperate to find out what happens next. The will they, won’t they arc really works leaving you eager to read on.

Find it here

The Cactus

Another book I couldn’t put down. A wonderfully written central character with some great observations on family relationships. It reminded me of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine in a few ways. I loved it!

Find it here


Lock Every Door 

What an interesting book. Another I couldn’t put down. A thriller, that takes a lot of intriguing turns and becomes something very sinister at the end. A really different read and one I really enjoyed.

Find it here

TV &Film

Brene Brown

Well this was wonderful. Everyone has mentioned how uplifting and inspirational it is and I totally agree!

Beyonce – Homecoming

What a women. The quote flying around when this aired was Beyoncé trained 8 months for a 2 hour show. In this you see the lengths she goes to as well as getting to see the incredible performances. I was awestruck by her.

Killing Eve 

Well what an interesting ending!!! No spoilers but wow. Great show. I have the books to read, going to think a bit about the show before that though!

Amazing Grace

A film of a never seen before Aretha Gospel concert. Just wonderful.

Avengers Endgame

I’m a big marvel fan and this film did not disappoint. I liked infinity war but I loved this end to the Avengers franchise.





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