Holiday Packing List

Holiday Packing List


I love packing, especially packing for a holiday and following my holiday packing list. Organising and the choosing outfits is something I find extremely satisfying. I have been known to start weeks before as the excitement of going on holiday takes hold and I just can’t wait!

I know most people hate packing and it certainly isn’t everyones jam but I have a few packing tips and tricks to make packing for a holiday easy.

Holiday Packing List – how to start

I start by going through my wardrobe about a week before and make sure everything I  want to take is clean and hasn’t been mistakenly put away with a pesky mark or stain! Then I set to clearing the washing backlog, putting things aside I might want so I don’t accidentally wear them again.

A holiday packing list is essential in my opinion, I have been on too many trips missing things to not use them now. I adapt them to suit my holiday and update them if I didn’t use anything on my return. So here’s mine… Hot Holiday Packing List feel free to download it and use it too.

Holiday packing list

Holiday packing list – how to pack

I recommend thinking about the trip and trying on your options, so you can eliminate anything that doesn’t fit or that you don’t feel comfortable in. Try match items to at least two others and build a capsule wardrobe. I try to pick a range of colours that all go together, packing basics that match with the odd printed item, too many prints will mean you only wear some items once. Not a huge problem but taking as little as possible is always a preferred option, so you have room for souvenirs!

I swear by packing cubes, great for every type of holiday, but brilliant for the ones where unpacking might not be possible. You can just unzip your bag/case and everything stays organised. A lot of the sets come with washing bags for your dirties but they are too small in my opinion. So I use old dust bags from shoes and bags for both washing and shoes.

These are the ones I have… Blue Star Packing Cubes and these are the ones to get if you need shoe and bigger washing bags… Cactus Packing Cube Set

Holiday packing list – luggage

The right bag for the trip is essential. A holdall is perfect for an overnight or weekend trip but would be too small or heavy for a longer trip. A small case on wheels is perfect for 3-5 days and I take a medium size case for 5-10 days.

I would use a large backpack if I was travelling for longer than 10 days as it can contain a lot of things and is designed for that purpose.

Holiday packing list

Holiday packing list – toiletries

I like to try pack multi-use products where possible to minimise my luggage. Products like coconut oil are great for dry hair, skin and can even be used to clean your teeth! Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream is my favourite multi-use product, it can be used for chapped lips, as an intensive moisturiser and for cuts and grazes.  My last tube lasted forever! find it here… Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

Another fabulous multi use product is Weleda Skin Food. Both Skin Food Light and Skin Food can be used on both face and body. A brilliant multitasker! Find them here… Skin Food Light or Skin Food

I like to take a paired back makeup kit, not too much as I prefer to keep it simple. I usually pack a cc cream, concealer, blush/bronzer, a small eyeshadow palette, mascara, and 2 lipsticks – a red and a nude. With that I pack a few brushes and an eyelash curler.

A good SPF is essential, factor 30 is my go to on the body and factor 50 for my face. And aloe vera, I put this in the fridge and use it if I get a bit too much sun.

Holiday packing list – key essentials

  • First aid kit – I like to have pain relief, Ibuprofen, Imodium, antihistamine, indigestion tablets, plasters, Savlon and Hc45 as a basis, then add any other extras as needed.
  • Books – I love to read when on holiday, often reading 3 or 4 books, meaning I take a Kindle to save space. I like to have a book in my carry on as I have more than a few long delays at the airport.
  • Adaptor – I have a multi adaptor like this… Multi Adaptor which takes up less room in your luggage and means you can remove the plugs from most devices and just use the USB. This one also works in multiple countries, meaning you can buy this once and it will last years.
  • Sandwich bags at various sizes – I keep these on hand for taking food to the beach, storing things, keeping wet things separate from dry etc.
  • Nail scissors, nail file & tweezers – handy for splinters, loose threads and broken nails.
  • Linen, cotton and silk  – The best fabrics for hot weather are natural, and loose fitting. It took me many years to realise this but wow it makes a difference.


So that’s my guide to easy packing. Use a holiday packing list and create a collection of outfits that are mix and match, to keep packing light. If in doubt don’t pack it, you’re unlikely to wear it, the things I throw in because I have the space I rarely wear.

Have a great holiday!


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