Best of July

L'Oreal Botanicals Shampoo

So August is here, how did that happen? It’s time for the best of July post. On paper July was a fabulous month, a holiday in the south of France, a festival and the weather on the whole has been great.

But I’ve spent the last six weeks being reasonably horizontal due to a badly sprained ankle. Meaning I feel sluggish and a bit bleurgh at the moment. No gym or physical activity and an increased love of the booze (it’s medicinal) has left me feeling a bit heavier than usual and a little lacklustre.

We are looking after a family dog and I am making sure I am not overly relying on wine to get me through my week. So, I am back walking and starting to feel more like myself. I started using the Habit app this week to try encourage myself to drink more water, make time to read and eat enough greens, so far it is working well.

Hair & Beauty

L’Oreal Botanicals Lavender Sensitive Hair & Scalp Therapy

I wrote about my quest for a healthy scalp here and this is definitely a product I would add to that post. 97% natural, silicone free, vegan formula that smells of lavender – I love it! Both shampoo and conditioner are great.

Find the L’Oreal Botanicals Lavender shampoo here Find the L’Oreal Botanicals Lavender conditioner here

Marula Oil

I had been reading about this wonderful oil for a long time but only purchased it when I was in The Ordinary shop in London in March. It can be used it in hair, but I love to use it before the Maybelline Dream Urban Cover Foundation to make it look super glowy! I have also started using it night and day because I love the way it makes my skin feel. A lovely rich oil that nourishes.

Find it here Marula Oil

Bran IPL Best of July

Braun IPL Pro 5 PL5124

I have wanted to try one of these for a very long time, always baulking at the price. But with 50% off and double boots points I decided to take the plunge with the newest model (linked below). I worked out I spend nearly the same amount of money per year on hair removal so if it works it will end up saving me money. I am 6 weeks in to the treatment and I can see a huge reduction in hair growth. Even at 4 I could tell it was working. The treatment is 12 weeks, so I am halfway through and I really think it is going to work. Pain is another factor that stopped me initially as I am a wuss. But it’s not that bad. Some follicles sting more than others but, on the whole,, it takes 20 mins a week and is relatively pain free.  I will report back after 12 weeks.

Find it here Braun IPL

Clothes & Shoes

Veja Wata

I bought these as they are so much cheaper that the traditional ‘leather’ ones and they were in the sale! I love the colour and they will be brilliant for autumn/winter. They are wearing in nicely, they rub a little, but all canvas trainers do on me.

Find them here Veja Wata

Whistles Cotton Jumper

This was a great buy, light enough for late summer nights and can be layered to make it warmer in the colder days, plus I love the pastel colour, be fab in spring!

Find it here Whistles Cotton Jumper

Monki Face Shirt Dress

A recent buy but it hasn’t been off my back since it arrived. Great shape and love the print. I bought it for meetings. Being a designer I love to wear smart clothing to meetings that is a bit unusual and this fits the brief perfectly.

Find it here Monki Face Shirt Dress


Papergang Subscription Best of July


Oh, I love this subscription service. Monthly stationary designed by someone different every month – My ideal service! So far I have given them all as gifts, but this months arrived today and it is all mine – I love it!

Find it here Papergang

Milk & More

I have gone completely old school and started having milk deliveries. It started as a way to cut back on plastic use but I love getting fresh milk delivered 3 times a week. I find we use less and waste less, which is win, win when coupled with less plastic usage. They also deliver lots of other items, not just milk!

Find it here Milk & More

Milk & More Best of July



The Authentic lie

A great look at what authenticity means in the modern world. What it means in terms of social media and how authentic elements of the world we live in truly are. This bound essay is well thought out and written, giving an interesting look at the world we are living in. I loved it so much I bought Dolly Aldertons essay from the same publisher too.

Find it here The Authentic lie

Codename Villanelle

I read this after watching the TV series and I did not disappoint. Although it is obviously the same story I found that reading it only enriched it for me. There is a lot more detail in the book – more background into the central characters. I would highly recommend this even if you have seen the TV series.

Find it here Codename Villanelle

And Then She Vanishes

Great structure. The book is told from multiple viewpoints and is based on a modern day shooting that is very much rooted in the past. I found this book compelling and a real page turner. Some great twists and wonderful central characters. It also has tense, thrilling parts that make desperate to read on. And it’s only 99p on Kindle at the moment!

Find it here And Then She Vanishes


What a great book, sharing the secrets of YouTube’s success. I was fascinated by the start up story and found the book full of interesting information. I also enjoyed hearing about famous YouTubers and the secrets to their success. Highly recommend this to anyone who’s thinking of starting a YouTube channel or anyone who wants to understand contemporary business.

Find it here YouTubers


Catch 22

I love the book and so far, the TV series does not disappoint. Clooney is fantastic as are many others. Really like it so far!

Find it here Catch 22

Keeping Faith Series 2

Loved the first series, I couldn’t stop watching it, gripping, interesting and full on. The second series is much of the same. Faith is completely fabulous.

Find it here Keeping Faith

Bletchley Circle

As a ex engineering teacher I am completely obsessed with anything to do with Bletchley Park and the Enigma code. This is a different take, 4 women that worked at Bletchley during the war solving murders through the use of code. Brilliant and it’s been renewed for another series apparently!

Find it here Bletchley Circle

The Let Down

A great comedy loved the first series. A great real look at what it’s like to have a baby. Great scene in the vineyard!

Find it here The Let Down

Workin’ Moms

Very similar to the above. Women trying to work, parent and be themselves. I think the 2nd series was even better than the first!

Find it here Workin’ Moms

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