Best Of Summer

Best of Summer

Its officially autumn both in date and feel. This week has felt especially chilly and wet, carb fuelled and cosy, I’m even looking up pick your own pumpkin farms! So with autumn here I thought it was time to write a best of summer post. One that sums up my favourite bits of the summer and new things I have found.


Best Of Summer – Beauty

Garnier Organic Lavandin Anti Age Day Cream

I really like this. A thick, rich cream that has a wonderful lavender scent. I use as the final step in my daytime routine.

Georgio Armani Flawless

Always on a foundation quest. I really liked the sample I received but not sure I can justify the price tag at the moment.

L’Oréal Paris C’est Magic BB Cream

I loved this when I first tried it, the adaptive technology blew my mind at first. But I’ve had different experiences with it, so the jury is out. I am going to keep trying it as my first experiences were positive. I think I put too many layers on my face and the BB cream stayed white.


Best Of Summer -Books

Everything I Never Told you by Celeste Ng

Her second book Little Fires Everywhere has been heavily favoured this year. This was her first book so I started here. And wow. A complex family drama, filled with hopes, dreams and expectations. Beautifully written and full of tense moments that keep you guessing.


The Next Girl  

A classic detective drama book with suspense and tension. Gina Harte is a complex and interesting character, who I really enjoyed reading about. I thought the book was well written and the story was interesting, filled with suspense! Made me want to read more of the Gina Harte books!


Best of Summer

Working Women’s Handbook by Phoebe Lovatt

One of the best books I have read on business. Practical advice, tasks and case studies. I thought it inspiring, interesting and clearly presented. Really helped me to take my ideas into reality.


Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams

I loved this. I couldn’t put it down, it was highly addictive, making me desperate to find out what happens next. Well written characters that feel fresh and millennial. It’s a modern day love story with a will they, won’t they arc that really works leaving you eager to read on. The perfect summer read!


Best Of Summer – Film

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

I thought this was a great film, well shot and interesting character stories. I found the final scene a bit much like many people but as others have said it’s very Tarantino. The best scene, the dressing room scene, is spectacular, Leo at his best. 


Spiderman Homecoming

I’m a Marvel geek, so I obviously loved this. We watched it on a very rainy day, to escape the weather in a super busy cinema, and still enjoyed it. An interesting story, using technology (double win) and funny to boot.


Fighting With My Family

An unexpected gem. A true story about a family that are obsessed with wrestling. Funny, heart-warming and entertaining. One of my favourite films of the year.


Zero Dark Thirty

One of the films I’ve always wanted to watch but never got around to. Tense, interesting and Jessica Chastain is fantastic in it.


Best Of Summer – TV

The Bake Off is Back! Its definitely autumn when bake off is back.  It’s one of my favourite things to watch.


Derry Girls

A few people recommended this to me. Its completely hilarious, I watched the first series in one sitting. I am saving the second series for when I am in need of a major laugh!



A compelling watch. A bit indecent proposal meets misery. Renée Zellweger was excellent in it; I couldn’t stop watching her and wondering what she would do next.


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