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Drunk Elephant Slaai review

September into October is my favourite time of year. It’s my birthday month – yay! And the weather is perfect, low sunshine that casts the perfect light with brisker days that need a nice knit. I love the way my wardrobe changes, I can get out my boots and woollies and the hats and scarves are poised for use.

I have been working on a few things and spending my weekends relaxing, baking and cooking. We’ve planed our January break and got a few things to look forward to. We also went pumpkin picking last weekend, and made a parkin tasting ginger cake which I completely loved.

September was a busy month and although I had a few favourites I wanted to wait and do a bigger post that spanned a couple of months, so I could choose things I’d used and reflected on.

Beauty & Skin care

Ren Rose Face Oil

I tried a sample of this a few months ago and instantly became hooked. A rich oil with a lovely rose smell that makes my skin feel hydrated and glowy. I think this will become my regular daytime face oil.

Find it here… Ren Rose Face Oil

Drunk Elephant Cleansing Balm

I’m a big fan of the double cleanse, so I always use an oil-based cleanser and a normal cleanser. I have tried many and this oil one is by far the best. Yes, it’s not a budget buy but it will last for ages. You need a tiny amount, I little finger-tips worth, as it spreads very far. Anymore is frankly a waste! Rich in oils I love massaging this into my face whilst it works it’s magic and melts away my make-up – even waterproof mascara.

Find it here… Drunk Elephant Cleansing Balm

Nakin Eye Cream

I have been using this for about 6 months as my day eye cream and have just ordered some more, needless to say I love it. It has a light but rich texture that absorbs easily, you don’t need much though, it can feel like it won’t rub in if you go too heavy with it.

Find it here… Nakin Eye Cream

Nakin Face Oil

I got this free with my eye cream purchase and have to say I would buy it anyway now I’ve tried it. It’s a thin texture that is highly moisturising. I really like it as an everyday oil.

Find it here… Nakin Face Oil



How do you like me now - Holly Bourne

Dishoom Cookbook

Dishoom is mine and just about everyone that’s been there’s favourite Indian street food place. The food is delicious and its served in small sharing plates, my absolute favourite! So when the book came out I put it straight on my birthday list. I’ve made the Chicken Ruby and Gun Powder Potatoes, both were exceptional and tasted just like in the restaurant. One thing I would say is that the recipes take time, but that they are very worth it!

Find it here… Dishoom Cookbook

East Cookbook

This is one of the best cookbooks. The recipes are all veggie or vegan, delicious and best of all quick.  So far we have made  the Black Dal, Potato Dosa, Tandori Broccoli and Coconut curry. All were delicious and super quick. I am interested to make the House Black Dahl from the Dishoom cook book to compare, as the Dishoom one takes much longer to make.

Find it here… East Cookbook

How Do You Like Me Now – Holly Bourne

Strap in this is a long one!  I really liked this, finding myself wanted to find out more about Tori and her relationship that wasn’t going well. An influencer/ writer I liked that she was a contemporary character that although her life seemed glossy from the outside was not happy at all. I loved that it showed a life behind the famous face and that it felt real. I understand the rewires online that found Tori annoying or self-indulgent, I actually found I made allowances for this as she is supposed to be struggling, she is in a dysfunctional relationship with a narcissist.

There as a passage at the end of the book that I loved so much I had to read it many times. SPOILER coming, don’t read if you intend to read it.

The brutal truth about the way Tori feels when she decides to walk out on the relationship is some of the best writing, it’s incredibly emotive, so raw it took my breath away in parts. It is something that will keep me thinking about this book for a very long time. I have shared some of it below…

“I pack up my moisturiser and retinoid cream and the plans Tom and I were making to go to Greece in the summer. I chuck some bras and a few pairs of knickers into a wheelie suitcase, alongside the names I’d secretly picked out for our unborn children. Children that will never exist now. I’m not sure how many pairs of shoes to take, or how many of Tom’s private feelings and memories. Things only I know, after years of careful extraction during gorgeous moments talking under the duvet. I pick up that one time he told me about a childhood holiday to France, where his dad cried because he trod on a sea urchin and where Tom’s childhood with the realisation that his parents were fallible. I pack it in with my alarm clock. I wrap up the electrical cord of my travel hairdryer and place it in the suitcase next to that feeling that, no matter how bad a party is, you can still return home to someone who loves you.”

It continues with more beautiful writing of relationships lost but I’ll let you discover that for yourself.

Find it here… How Do You Like Me Now

Little Fires Everywhere

Another absolute beauty from Celeste Ng. A wonderful look at family dynamics and people in general. The relationships and the way the characters communicate is fantastic. Celeste writes beautiful intricacies about humans and the way they live. I love both of her books.

Find it here… Little Fires Everywhere

Work Like a Women

Mary Portas looks at the world of work and discusses the alpha culture that exists in so many industries and places of work. Lots of relatable stories and fantastic advice on how to run a business with a different culture. A great book for people that run a business.

Find it here… Work Like a Women





I loved this NTL showing of the one woman stand up Fleebag. I went into unsure of what to expect but having loved the TV shows thought it would be fantastic and it was. She really was unbelievable, acting all the characters and immersing you into the story she was telling. There were similarities to the TV shows but they worked so well live it was no issue seeing some bits again.

Giselle Dado Masilo


Gisselle by Dada Masilo

My first ballet experience was wow. A reimagined version of Giselle, set in South Africa, that was powerful and beautiful to watch. The costume and the scenary worked so well and the performances were phemoninal. The final act took my breath away, I loved it. So powerful and emotive. It’s on until November 2nd, if you can go see it.

Find it here… Work Like a Women

TV & Netflix

A Confession

Martin Freeman is excellent as a detective in this intense drama on ITV. A different look at how the criminal justice system works and a true story, I found it gripping.


This is one of the best Netflix drama’s at the moment. Staring Toni Collete and Merritt Wever, another true story that sees a women not being believed about being attacked in her own home. A hard but gripping watch.

State of the Union

An unusual format, 10 minute shows about a couple waiting to go into their marriage counsellor session. Staring Rosamond Pike and Chris O’Dowd it’s an intimate look at relationships and the issues that can arise.



Stan & Ollie

What a lovely film. Most people know of Laurel and Hardy but this film shows a bit of their lives most don’t know about. I loved the dynamics between the two and the love that as so apparent.

Ad Astra

Not a huge fan of a space film I’m always hesitant to go see them, But the trailer and Brad swung it for me. And I was so glad I went. One of the most visually stunning films I have seen and a beautiful soundtrack by Max Richter. I loved this film, I am going to download the soundtrack now.


So that’s some of the things I have been loving recently. Some of them have left me wanting more, wanting to have not experienced them so I can experience them fresh. There are some real gems here.

This month I’m having a make-up rethink and going to try book more live shows, plus have a mini break planned.

What have you got planned and what have you been loving?



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