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I have been so into cooking and baking recently I haven’t shared a love list for a while. I had a beauty focused October, the change in season meant I was grabbing for anything and everything that might hydrate and nourish my skin.

But my focus has turned to Christmas, the New Year and the fact that we are entering a new decade soon. For some reason I am super excited about this new decade, for me it feels more of a do over than most new year’s. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had a good few years, but I am ready for a big shift. I feel like I have been working towards serious change for a while now and that this is the perfect chance to make it happen. How are you feeling about the next decade?

I’ve mixed up the layout for this month, adding some new categories, hope you like.


Planning & Stationery

Stationery is my thing. I love nothing more than a new notebook or snazzy new pencil case. I have so many notebooks I am having to cut myself off from my regular subscription service. I will be going back as it is genuinely the best day of the month for me!

Papergang Box

Papergang December Box

This box is beautiful. I love it! I have just suspended my subscription as I have a problem with buying stationery. I will be re-joining in the future as I love the boxes.

New Stationery

MiGOALS Goal Digger Diary

I was recommended this diary and it is amazing. You can plan your goals out in detail and then break them down into achievable chunks. It has budgeting sections and areas to plan things out.


Time planner

I am on the lookout for a new desk pad time planner. I have looked at a few and can’t decide what I need. I have the one above by Design Letters and rule it off to make the time slots I need. I love this one by Wald and this one by MiGOALS bur can’t choose! See I have a stationery problem!


Beauty Bits


L’Occitane Advent Calendar

I bought this from M&S on 20% discount, which is still on. It looks great and I’m going to use lots of the products as gifts for other people.


I have repurchased some more silk hair bobbles from Silkooze because I managed to lose, he first one I bought. I use these mainly at night, so I don’t get the kink in my hair from an elastic hat band. They are fab, ran by a small business owner and reasonably priced.


Shampoo bar review

Shampoo bar Soul and Soap

I have been trying to reduce my plastic for a while now and I love a good quality product that is ethically made. I have tried a shampoo bar before and it too drying, but the reviews for this said it was amazing and it is! Not drying, smells amazing and there’s no waste, everything is compostable or recyclable. Win, win!



My Sister the Serial Killer

I loved this book, quick to read short chapters, funny and an excellent character development. One of my favourites of the year.

It’s About Bloody Time. Period. Emma Barnett

I have just started this book and already love it. A funny and fascinating look at periods. There is also some insightful and interesting writing about the conditions associated with the reproductive system.

Becoming Laura Jane Williams

I am on my second attempt to read this. I put it down the first time as I found it a bit intense, but I have to say I am glad I picked it back up as it is insightful and a wonderful look at being hurt and recovering from that.

Playing Big Tara Mohr

I have been reading this for a business book club that I go to. It’s about women playing small in life and so far, is talking through these reasons and providing ways to start playing bigger. I like it so far, I’ll review it properly after the book club meeting.




I am super late this I know but the first season was compelling and completely addictive. All the evidence and conversations were well discussed. I am so on the fence about the verdict, I have no idea what I feel about it and I love that!

Letters from a Hopeful Creative

I have listened to this a bit in the past and love both Sara and Jen but got out of the habit of listening to it. But there have been some great episodes recently, so I am getting back into it. Great for business owners or people working for themselves.

Co-Working Club Podcast

Jess runs the Co-Working club I go to and has a fab podcast that interviews freelancers and business owners. A great podcast full of inspiring people and excellent topics – I love it!


So that’s my recent favourite things. What have you been using and loving?


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