Christmas Wreath Making

Christmas wreath making

Wreath making is a big thing this year, everyone’s at it! Getting in the festive spirit this year means doing crafts and I love it! I’m a huge fan of a bit of crafting. I made a autumn wreath this year and had so much fun, I’d highly recommend spending an hour two to relax and make a wreath.

Here I’m sharing with you my wreath making methods so you can have a go.

Christmas Wreath Making – What you will need

  • Rattan wreath
  • Florist wire
  • Foliage & Eucalyptus- Homesense for artificial or find in your garden, buy at a florist
  • Pine cones
  • Baubles or decorations

The basic wreath making process is the same no matter what you you want to put on it so let your imagination go wild. Look at Pinterest for inspiration and have a go.


Christmas Wreath Making – Method

Christmas wreath making


Then cut 5cm lengths of floristry wire, these will fix the stems and items in place to keep the wreath secure and tidy.

Take the wreath frame and decide which half you want to be exposed.

Start poking stems through the open weave and fix with florist’s wire, as shown above.

Any items that won’t go through the wreath or don’t have a stem will need to have florist wire attached to them so they can be secured onto the wreath. This might mean sewing or gluing it on to the item.

Watch the video below for more detail on how to add items to the wreath. Here I show you how to thread items through and attach more difficult bits to your wreath.


Christmas wreath making

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If you love festive making why not take a look at my tried and tested Christmas cake recipe, its super easy and tastes amazing.

So are you doing any Christmas crafts? if so what?


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