What to Do in Whitby in the Winter

What to do in Whitby in the winter

I love the seaside in the winter, I actually think I prefer it to in the summer. Call me mad but walking on windy beaches and wandering around the streets without hoards of other visitors is my idea of fun. We had a wonderful trip to Whitby, made better by lots of great suggestions from friends So I put together this guide of what to do in Whitby in the winter, in case you need some ideas too.

What to do in Whitby in the winter

Take a Beach Walk on Whitby Beach

This is my number one. No matter the weather a bracing walk on the beach is definitely restorative. Whitby Beach is a big long beach with a fabulous view, you can walk all the way up to Sandsend beach.

Play the Penny Slots

There are a few amusement arcades on the harbour and the 2p slots are great fun. A great way to shelter from the cold of winter.

Visit Whitby Brewery 

Once you’ve looked around the abbey head out of the entrance and turn right up the road, you’ll see the brewery on the left. You can drink in or buy bottles for later. A lovely sunny spot to have a pint or there’s an inside area if it’s too cold. 

Go To Whitby Abbey 

Beautiful views and history, we didn’t go in this time as the queue was huge but I went in last time. Whilst there walk past the visitor centre to the YHA at the back for a cup of tea in a lovely little conservatory. 

Go Get Fish & Chips

There was a lot of opinions about where the best fish and chips were to be found. A lot of people said Trenchers was the best but, others said The Magpie Cafe.

We plumped for Trenchers as we were closer to it and I did not disappoint. The batter was light and crispy and, the chips were fabulous. We’re going to try Magpie next time though, for research purposes!

Relax over Brunch

There are a few good brunch spots in Whitby. We chose Cranberry Swamp which had a good range of options and good coffee. Skinner St and Flower St have a few good options for coffee and food, so it’s worth a wander around there. 

Wander the Streets for a Bit of Shopping

The streets on the abbey side of the Whitby bridge have lots of lovely little shops to wander and browse, Skinner St and Flower St also have lots of little boutiques and shops. 

Go On a Pub Crawl

There are lots of boozers in Whitby. We tried out…

The Star Inn – good but better for food as the bar area is small. 

The Golden Lion – A small cosy pub.

The Moon and Sixpence – A laid back wine bar.

One I wanted to try was The Duke of York, the views looked amazing! The Abbey Wharf also looks like it hosts a fabulous view and is worth checking out. 

Visit The Dracula Experience

I really wanted to go to this, I imagine its a cheesy in a good way. The reviews online don’t look great though! 

Go to The Cinema

Whitby Pavillion is a cinema and theatre with an amazing view out to sea. 

Take a Whale Watching/Sea Tour 

You can see minke whales out of the Whitby coast. They seem to only sail in September, you can find out more here… Whitby Whale Watching 

So there you have it, my what to do in Whitby in the winter guide. Have you been? Do you have any other ideas? Let me know in the comments.



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