My Top Working From Home Tips

my top working from home tips

I’ve been running my business for 18 months now, predominantly working from home. I know that for some people this would be quite a difficult thing because they need social interaction. For me it isn’t a huge problem because I actually like the quiet, that said I can get to a point where I am desperate for some interaction or I feel the need to leave the house as I’m going a bit stir crazy. So here I’m going to give you my top working from home tips to try to make being in the house easier and more importantly, productive!

First of all, I want to say that some days I start work in my pyjamas. Those days I’m nowhere near as productive and I know that that will be the case but sometimes I just feel like I need that slower start.

Some days I don’t start work till noon because I’m working out or doing something that I see as more important, but then I’ll have 5 power hours of work that make up for not starting till later in the day.

What I’m saying is you have to find things that work for you and some days you have to deviate from a routine because it makes sense for your mental or physical health. Routines are great and help with productivity but some days you need to be gentle with yourself and that is ok!

So, these tips are shared with love and as guidance but don’t feel guilty if you’re not able to do them all or maintain them all, do what you can, that’s okay.

Get Dressed

I know that if I get dressed for the day, I will have a much more productive workday. I do still have days that I start a few tasks before showering but I try to be strict with this and set boundaries. Having nice lounge-style clothes that you change into works for some people as does having a set uniform. Find what works for you.


You hear this from everyone but having a routine or some structure is definitely the key to having a productive workday. Having the same breakfast time, starting work time, ending the day time and lunchtime will help to put in some boundaries so that you can structure your tasks throughout the day.

Have a Dedicated Area

This doesn’t have to be an office but it needs to be distraction-free. A kitchen table is fine but make sure you clear it and keep it clutter-free. I like to add a favourite candle or plant to make it feel a bit calmer.

Take Breaks

The tendency when working from home is to take short breaks and get cracking with the work as soon as possible. I think this is counter-productive, taking breaks to read whilst you have your lunch or do other tasks can bring you back to your work much more focused, with the feeling of being rested. So, take breaks.


Making valuable connections is another way to keep working from home from being dull. Finding people that you can have video calls with, send voice notes to or just generally have a conversation via message or email can really help to lift spirits and is excellent for discussing ideas.

Fun tasks

Break your time up with fun tasks. Take a break for a drink and read a book, play a card game, water plants, do a bit of knitting. Think of something that you can do every day that’s a little bit of fun to break up the day.

Other Places to Find WFH Help & Inspiration

Jess Berry at The Co-working club is running Zoom calls and meetups at the moment so it’s well worth checking the @thec0workingclub Instagram. She also has a podcast that is full of inspiration and excellent guests.

Anna Dunleavy is offering coaching calls at discounted rates to help you talk through any issues you might experience. She also has an excellent podcast with nearly 50 episodes.

Lucy Sheridan is excellent at helping people with comparison.

Kat Horrocks is a life coach and business coach and also has a fabulous podcast.



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