Time off, Being Back and Where I Have Been

I’ve taken some time off. Been on the trip of a lifetime and seen parts of the world I’ve always wanted to. I relaxed, spent time with the people I love and enjoyed every moment of it.

I took time away from blogging and social media as I wanted to enjoy my trips for what they were, feeling that documenting every moment would spoil my own feelings of the time.

We all need to a break, to reassess and plan the next steps. Taking time away always provides fresh perspective and a feeling of clarity. I love that first week back after time out. All the space provided time to think and you can start to implement the thoughts you’ve been having.

So I’m back after a good few weeks off and I am glad to be back. I have planned out a re-jig of the site, have got some ideas for the future and lots to keep me busy.

I plan to take these breaks from time to time, I think it is important to reset. To remember what it is you love and come back with renewed passion.

You see I sometimes feel so conflicted with the blogging/social media world. Someday’s I find it so hard to feel a sense of worth with it all and others I can’t wait to post something I’ve been thinking about.

I think it is important to recognise your motives for things and consider what value it is giving to both yourself and others.

Anyway I am back, ready to share my experiences with you and I hope you enjoy it.


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