What To Do In Bali – Uluwatu

Uluwatu - what to do in Bali

Sunset is my favourite time of day; the colours, the cooling temperatures and the evening ahead all excite me. Bali sunsets did not disappoint; Uluwatu was an unexpected delight.

My trip to Bali was a total surprise. All due to some wonderful friends whisking me away for my birthday. I had one day’s notice. One day to get over the shock that my friends had turned up unannounced from the UK as a surprise. One day to pack. And one day to organise all the things one has to when going on a trip.


This meant no time for research. Now I sit in two camps on this subject. I either research a place to within an inch of its life, planning out 10 places to eat, sleep, visit and see or I do it when I get there. Bali was more of a go with the flow do a bit of research ad hoc but mainly just enjoy having my friends in my dream holiday destination.

So when we arrived at Uluwatu Temple I had no idea what to expect. I hadn’t seen the pictures or read about the history. I did know it was the place to see the traditional Balinese dance at sunset, but being a sunset lover I wanted to see the best this place had to offer. Sure I felt that I’d missed out on the fire dance but the sunset was an experience to remember, one I’ll never forget.

I’m hoping to return (at the moment Mount Agung has other ideas!) in a few weeks and think a trip to the fire dance might be in order. The entrance to the temple doesn’t include the fire dance fee. This is purchased separately at the counter just outside the entrance. I say this, as I didn’t know how to get in until after the event. Oh and turn up early if you want a good place and a seat – it gets packed in there.

Where to eat

Uluwatu area is beautiful. Full of great little surf bars cut into the cliff, well worth a look and would be great for sunset too. We had a nice veggie burger at a warung then headed to Single Finn. A huge bar, with lots of different levels to explore. Live music, amazing views and a nice surf shop attached too. Uluwatu also has one of the only alcohol shops in south Bali, AngelMartz. You can get Bintang pretty much everywhere, but if you fancy a G&T around the pool it’s good to know where to source the ingredients.

Uluwatu isn’t just about the temple at sunset, there is a lot to discover. But I’m just going to leave you with this…

Uluwatu - what to do in Bali



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