Best of October

Gosh, what a funny old month October has been. I had the flu, so was in bed for half of it and then a trip to Cambodia and here we are at the end and looking into November already. It’s been odd as we have been slowly realising that our life is about to change in a major way. That in 5 short weeks our Malaysia adventure will be over and will be back in cold blighty for Christmas and for the foreseeable future.

Any spare time has been used to enjoy every last minute of the time we have left, trying places we’ve been meaning to for ages, going out with friends and just enjoying the life we have built here. I am trying to look upon it positively, as we have been so lucky to have this opportunity to be glum about it ending wouldn’t seem right.

So there’s where my head’s at this month, but you’re here to see what I’ve been loving… So on with the Best of October!

Best of October – Beauty

I talked about my new obsession here – Hado Labo. This Japanese brand can do no wrong, everything I have tried has been incredible. My new buys this month are the Milano CC and the Cleansing Oil. Both fantastic.

Melano CC is an excellent vitamin C serum, which is good for evening out skin tone and brightening the skin in general. It’s a nice texture that spreads and absorbs easily. The dispenser means it only lets just enough out and stops oxygen getting in, which would degrade the serum over time.

The Cleansing Oil is as good as the DHC one I also love. A little drier in texture, but spreads well and removes makeup well.

I have also been looking at natural skincare, made from organic ingredients with no chemicals in it. I have been trying a local brand here called Roots Remedies, so far I love it. Next month I will share more when I have been using them for longer. I have just ordered the Tamanu Healing Oil and the Tea Tree Lemongrass Anti-Blemish Serum so I’ll let you know how they are.

A UK-based natural skincare brand that I am definitely going to be buying some products from is Nakin. Their Anti-aging Serum and Anti-Ageing Eye Cream Complex will be first on my list to try, and new customers get 20% off – winner!

I tried Nudestix this month for the first time and I am hooked. I got a freebie from Sephora and just love the feel and long wear of the lipstick I am definitely going to be trying some more.

Best of October – Entertainment


Killing Eve is the hottest talked about TV show at the moment, I’m 2 episodes of finishing it and I can totally see why! Based on a book Codename Villanelle, which I am going to read after I’ve finished the TV show. It’s an entertaining, sometimes humorous, sometimes tense thriller. Completely unique and utterly bingeable.

Loving Vincent  – I saw this on the big screen due to a European film festival here in KL. And oh wow was it worth the wait. Sure it will be good on DVD/Blu-ray but seeing it on the big screen was an epic experience.


Gone Girl an oldie but a goodie. Having loved the film I always wanted to read the book, but it had to be long enough since seeing the film otherwise they would be no surprises. I can tell you now is a great time to read this gem, it is so well written and a genuine pageturner.

Why Mummy Swears have followed Gill’s writing since she posted long captions on Facebook and always found her laugh out loud funny. This book is no different, a hilarious look at parenting, that kept me turning the page. If you love her other stuff you will love this too!

Lullaby A tense thriller that opens with the murder. A look at why the perfect nanny would kill the two children she loves. An interesting look at human behaviours and relationships. At times though it felt a bit clunky, probably due to it being a book translated into English from french.

Give Me The Child I found this in a hotel and couldn’t put it down. A good thriller with lots of intrigues. The perfect beach read!


The High Low Podcast is so good, if you don’t listen, do it. October Music playlist is quite small due to a podcast habit! But what’s on it is amazing. HURU is someone I saw at a gig here in KL and she is brilliant, check her out.

So there we have it the best of October. A good month, here’s to November, to our friends visiting us in KL, to bonfire night in the UK and to our final holiday in beautiful Gili. See you next month.


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