October Book Club


This is the first ever book club and it is very non-fiction heavy! Three about plant-based eating, one on yoga and one on how to be a writer. Following on from #Selfcare September with even more self-improvement reading.

As a regular reader on fiction I have found myself drawn to its opposite and am really enjoying it, see what I think of them below and if you want to read yourself them you can shop the post at the end!

I Should Be Writing – Mur Lafferty 

A great book for aspiring or fledgling writers, I would highly recommend it. Great, real advice and an honest look at the publishing industry – tips and ways to cope are especially helpful. The book is very well laid out, with chapters that you can read as standalone pieces. The design is excellent and the content has a nice mix of serious advice and fun statements.

I would definitely recommend this book if you are thinking about writing!

Secrets of Yoga – Jennie Bittleston

This book is a must own for anyone that is interested in the practice of yoga. It would be a great companion to learning for students and teachers of yoga. The level of detail is just right, not too wordy, so can be used whilst actually practising the positions, but wordy enough to give the detail needed to gain a deeper understanding.

It had the feeling of an encyclopaedia; the images helped the reader to see the correct alignment of positions, whilst the text explained it, in a factual way that was easy to understand.

As an aspiring yoga teacher I will be purchasing this book

Natural Feasts – Ella Woodward

A nicely designed book, that is aimed at people who want to choose a better lifestyle for health. It includes lots of tips about cooking for groups and ways to make healthy living approachable for everybody. The recipes are clear, easy to follow and look delicious, I have made a few successfully and have a further few to try. I think it’s a good cookbook but have seen others I prefer.

It’s apparently the same as Deliciously Ella with Friends, so if you have that don’t get this.

The Vegan Cookbook – Adele McConnell 

What a brilliant vegan cookbook. I want to cook everything in it, so far I have made 5 recipes and have a further 5 book marked for the next few weeks. Everything I have cooked was tasty and more importantly easy to make. The cheese sauce (p23) was delicious, I made the Moussaka with it and genuinely couldn’t tell it wasn’t real cheese, this will become a go to recipe for me.

The layout and wording are clear and concise and easy to follow. I loved the design, the new front cover is a winner for me. A fantastic cookbook for people who might be unsure about being vegan, or who want to add a few vegan meals to their repertoire.

The Mindful Vegan – Lani Muelrath

I loved this book. Its explanation of mindfulness was clear and really struck a chord with me, I couldn’t put it down. I loved the way it was written and that its intention is for the reader to live a healthier more connected life. I didn’t feel preachy about veganism, as some books can, just a guide to being more mindful around food in a more general way. As a recent convert to the plant-based diet I found the recipes and mindset work really helpful, but think it could work just as well for someone who just wants to make better choices around food. You don’t need to be vegan to appreciate what this book, in my opinion.

The book comes with a link to the meditation guides, which are also excellent. I also love the cover illustration – there I go again, judging a book by its cover!

Disclaimer. NetGalley kindly provided some of the books in this post in exchange for my honest review.


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