MFM – Jackfruit ‘Pulled Pork’

Veggie Jackfruit Pulled Pork

Since moving to Malaysia I’ve found it incredibly easy to eat a mainly plant-based diet. I have more time to think about what to eat, more time to prepare my food and more importantly the desire to be creative. I do allow myself what I want, not being restrictive or living by a set of rules is essential for my mental health. So if I want meat I will have it, but more often than not my body wants plant-based foods.

I have always loved the concept of meat free Mondays, an easy way for everyone to have an impact on their own health and the environment. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you the stats on the environment when it comes to agriculture. And more recently the evidence linking plant-based diets to better health. If you don’t know, there are many documentaries out there and The China Study is an informative read when it comes to health.

That aside, I will be posting delicious vegetarian recipes every week so you have some fresh ideas ready for Monday. I’m not suggesting you should drastically change your diet, unless you want to. Everybody has to choose for themselves, I really hate it when people shame others about their choices. It’s your life, live it your way.

The first one is pretty epic. When I tried it I thought, I never need to eat pulled pork again. Great spicy/sweet sauce and the texture of the jackfruit is perfect. It is plentiful here, but easy to get hold of in the UK too. Apart from preparing the jackfruit it is pretty quick and simple too.

Jackfruit ‘Pulled Pork’


300g Jackfruit

1 tbsp olive oil

1 diced red onion

1 tbsp honey (maple syrup or agave syrup will make this vegan instead)

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

150g  ketchup

1/2 tsp smoked paprika

1 tsp chili powder

1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce or tamari soy sauce (Worcestershire sauce has anchovies in it)

Prep >10 min Cook> 20 min

I buy jackfruit here and prepare it myself but you can buy it in tins in most asian supermarkets, just make sure you buy the one in water or brine. The one in sugar water is for sweet dishes.

Add the oil and onion to a pan on a medium heat. Cook through and add the honey, apple cider vinegar, ketchup, smoked paprika, chili powder and Worcester sauce. Mix thoroughly and add the jackfruit. Cook on a low heat until the sauce thickens and the jackfruit looks soft.

Serve in buns or tacos and with slaw or Hasselback potatoes.


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